Himachal pradesh

Himachal pradesh

Things to do - general

Himachal Pradesh is an Indian state situated on the north western side in the Himalyas . The word Himalyas is made of two sanskrit words ‘ Him ‘ which means snow and the other word ‘ Achal ‘ which means a land . The Himachal has boundry with Jammu and Kashmir on the North , with Punjab , Jammu
and Kashmir , Haryana , Uttar Pradesh and China ( Tibet ) . Himachal Pradesh is known for its enviorment , Temples and Hill Stations . Tourism and Agriculture are a major part of state’s economy . The state also has several valleys .

Country India

Sports & nature

For adventures , it is great enjoying thrilling and fascinating experience here . The beautiful Himachal Pradesh has numerous sports activities such as River Rafting , Mountain Cycling , Ice Skating , Paragliding , Angling , Treking , Skiing , Heii Skiing , Mounteenaring and Rock Climbing , Vehicle Safari and Camping etc.

Culture and history info


Archeological evidence prove that there is human evidedence found during the Indus Valley Civilisation ( 2250 to 1750 ) AD . At about 883 AD Shankar Verma ruled oved Kashmir . In 1773 Rajput King Sansar Chand 2 . And after that ther was an Anglo -Gorkha war . After it the British ruled over it . After Independence . On 9th November 1956 it became a union territory and on 18th December 1970 it became a state of India .


The hindu communities here are Bhahmins , Rajputs , Kannets , Rathis and Kolis . Some tribal population of the state are Kinnars Gujjars , Gaddis , Pangwals and Lahaulis etc . It is well known for its Handicrafts . Pashmina shawl is on of the products highly in demand .
Local music and dance shows their culture .

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