Har ki dun is among the most beautiful valleys in the west part of Himalayas and also the most happening trek in Uttrakhand. To be accurate it is at Garhwal Himalayas which is cradle shaped hanging valley. Snow covered peaks surrounds this valley and alpine plants too. This trek is a treat to all the trek lovers, in summers and winters both. This trek will give you the  experience about the snow forest, old villages, their lifestyle  and much more.

This trek is known for its high believe in mythology and also called as “valley of gods”. Pandavs in Mahabharat also opted for this route to step in heaven via swargarohini, the dominating mountain which  lies above hari ki dun. This valley lies above the sea level at the altitude of 3500 meter approximately and is usually covered with snow in the period of October to march.

This trek is like a dream come true, we can see the cascading river flowing under the shadow of towering mountains. Every year a lot of trek freak come to trek in the silent part of Himalayas and take back a box full of beautiful memories and unforgettable experience. Whole trek comprises of beautiful sceneries and landscapes  which will sooth both mind and heart and will give a most peaceful trekking memory.

A 40 to 45 minutess ride from Sankri village to Taluka( local market place) , which will be our starting point of the trek to the place called Seema. In the mid way of our journey we can see the nature which spreads her arms open to welcome you all with a gesture of prosperity. People generally like to camp in plain surface in between the trek to take the full pleasure of soothing silent and peaceful nature.

In Taluka people can also buy stuff for themselves and some eatables too like biscuits, tea or some beverages. Restaurants are also there. It is advised , only those people should come on trek who have the stamina to walk and trek. This trek is also known as beginners trek. We can have many photographs in the mid of our journey so as a token of memory and love from our mother nature.


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UTTRAKHANDDevbhomi Uttrakhand ( the land of gods ) is popular for its temples and mountain treks . It was seperated from Uttar Pradesh on 9th November 2000. There are two divisions of the state one Gharhwal and the other is Kumaon . There are total 13 districts and its capital is Dehradun . Its official Read more

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